European Historical Population Samples Network

The European Historical Population Samples Network (EHPS-Net) brings together scholars to create a common format for databases containing non-aggregated information on persons, families and households. This format or Intermediate Data Structure (IDS) aims to form an integrated and joint interface between many European databases in order to transcend the currently regional and national studies.


EHPS-Net started in June 2011. Since some of our goals are still in the initial stage, some major items of this portal are still under development. This holds especially for the e-journal and the repository.


EHPS-Net is an ESF Research Networking Programme.

Latest news

28-30 November 2016 the course ‘Intermediate Data Structure and Extraction Software’ will be held at the IISH in Amsterdam.
‘The future of historical demography. Upside down and inside out’. By Koen Matthijs, Saskia Hin, Jan Kok & Hideko Matsuo.
'A Global History of Historical Demography. Half a Century of Interdisciplinarity'. By Antoinette Fauve-Chamoux, Ioan Bolovan and Sølvi Sogner.